What is it about?


The reliability of finite element models is crucial in industrial environment, since these models are used in structures design and certification.

Whether you are an analyst, engineer or project manager in numerical simulation, the consequences of a modeling error can be heavy in terms of time, budget or credibility.

Achieving reliability requires systematically checking all model data, while providing proof of this verification. It’s a time-consuming, repetitive and painful task, where the risk of human error is precisely very high!

It’s for the resolution of this problem that we develop CheckFEM, a stand-alone desktop application, which aims to make quality control of finite element models, easy and reliable.

How does it work?

You supply a finite element model and a checklist, CheckFEM will perform the following tasks for you:

      1. parsing model data file,
      2. visualisation of the model,
      3. execution of your checklist.

For more details, try the demo and leave us your comments.

LissaSoft is a collective of friends who want to take quality control in numerical simulation, to the next level.